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    Owen Jollands

    Hello fellow DTO members.

    I completed this cast drawing from the “Cast Drawing” pdf refs. I used the second photo in the white section (9th one down in total) as a second cast drawing after the Pencil to Paper lesson. I got a little lost in the fabric folds and didn’t attempt the texture on the base but any critique on accuracy or advice on rendering is gratefully accepted.

    Has anyone got any drills they do to practice angles? That’s something I need to focus on at the moment I think.

    Thanks all,

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    Linn Hansson

    Great start but I would tone down some of the parts that aren’t in direct light. I struggle with it myself but Matt always says: keep the lights light and the darks dark.

    Marjan Van der Donk

    Agree with Linn, keep the lights light and the darks dark. That mantra helps me a lot I find!
    Re drills to practice angles: I have two. a) I learned this one from Matt: I draw a random small shape with (lots of) angles – and then I try to make an exact copy. It’s an ideal doodle and practice in one! Helps with accurately draw negative spaces too. b) I copy a reference photo from Matt’s series. I print it out and use a clear piece of acrylic glass/plexiglass on which I draw the outline/angles (use a non-permanent marker). Now when I make my drawing (on the exact scale of the reference) I check my angles at regular intervals against the plexiglass. I did this a lot when I first started with figure drawing, helped me no end!

    Linn Hansson

    I am the worst at drawing without negative space so I always make a box based from the frame of the reference photo and then I usually meassure with a pair of dividers to see if the distance is all right. But on my latest failed drawing I used see through paper and drew the outline of the reference photo and then placed it onto the drawing and it was not that far from it, the old version of my drawing was but I paid more attention to the drawing on my second attempt, just couldn’t shade it the way I wanted to though.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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