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    Marjorie Zimmerman

    Words of encouragement from a newbie: I wanted to draw all my life and thought when the four kids left home and I stopped working, I would ‘do art’. They did leave but the art thing didn’t happen. Instead, I became caretaker for 20 years for my darling best friend/husband and laughing and eating companion of over 55 years. Researching Parkinson’s Disease and coloring outside those lines threw me into a a total left brain mode for all that time. With interruptions every 15 minutes, i found i couldn’t do anything creative. The whole time, however, I actually had repetitive ‘dreams of art’ while sleeping…literally dreaming i was on my way to art school or going to a shop to buy supplies (always about to…preparing). It was the same shop in every dream and obviously of my imagination since the shop i use now bears no resemblance. As of a few months ago, i had to decide if i wanted to be a’cruise widow’ or do something else…a easy choice for me. i ran thru my list of things i always wanted to do and since I am 82, some options are gone but not all. I will not take up tennis again. Instead, I took a very short course in right brain/left brain to get off the research/writing mode and here I am. I LOVE this course! It is so well designed and just what I wanted. The only problem I have is my lack of computer skills, something younger folks take for granted (what is a JPG, btw?) Including the ‘brain’ course, I have done about 7 drawings so far including the first one of the step-by-step….the little statue. It made me so happy and I love the critique section…I learn so much just hearing Matt critique others. Now to the next block. Btw, bought the printer Matt suggested at a great price at B & H and it is fabulous.

    Marjan Van der Donk

    Hello Marjorie,
    Thank you for sharing this lovely story! You are a rolemodel for many a younger person: it’s never too late to follow a dream! Ofcourse, you have to take ‘older joints’ and such into consideration when planning a 3-month hike you’d always wanted to complete, so perhaps not choosing that path ๐Ÿ˜‰ Welcome to DTO, and enjoy! Splashing out on printers, the loveliest paper you can find and a set of materials that makes other artists drool with envy … part and parcel of living the dream!

    Marjorie Zimmerman

    thanks. i really love your work. don’t know how to post directly to you but here’s the question: tell me the blue ‘hat’ on the portrait is really a travel neck pillow!

    Marjorie Zimmerman

    and that the white ruff around your neck was really a dryer vent? i wish you lived next door to me.

    Marjan Van der Donk

    Well spotted on both accounts! I love creating these illusions, and it’s fun both to see people believing it’s all ‘real’Golden Age as well as acute observations like yours. As for living next door: you’re welcome to come and live in the Netherlands ๐Ÿ˜‰ and if that’s a bridge too far: whenever you’ll find yourself in the neighbourhood you’re more than welcome at my place!

    Abigail Stout

    Thank you for sharing! I love that you are willing to keep learning. Here’s a basic jpg explaination:

    A jpg is pronounced “jay-peg”
    If you think of a classic file cabinet you organize files by type. Customer files, vendor files, employee files,

    In computer files we have a name you give them, then a dot (we say dot like ..”dot com” but it’s a period), then the extension. The extension tells what kind of file it is:
    .jpg, .doc, .mp3 a.k.a. picture, typed document, music file respectively

    There are dozens of these extension I only mentioned 3 common ones

    So for example you take a picture with an iPhone it is automatically given a name: 12345.jpg

    You create a resume and name it 12345.doc
    And you have a song named 12345.mp3

    Its like having an employee, vendor and customer named Jackie Smith in your file cabinet but you know which is which by putting it in the right drawer. In computer speak -using the right “extension”

    This is useful as an end user but the informationโ€‹ the computer is talking is a bit more technical than I know.

    Often your local library has free computer classes. They can teach you how to use your DTO site and upload pictures of your work.

    (Any where you can attach a file of a document or picture it is called “uploading”)

    I look forward to seeing your work! You know, an uploaded jpg. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You are in Florida? Me too, Citrus County.
    Abigail ๐Ÿ™‚

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