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    Charles Post

    In watching the sketchbook sessions , I observed that the featured students focused much of their work on animation and not realistic figurative sketches, which is the core of DTO lessons . Having made that observation , there was one student with many sketches from live scenes but there was also a lot of animation in her book. Am curious as to why. Does animation represent the main source of opportunities for young artists , lack of interest in realistic work , the types of students where you teach or something else ? I assume the concepts of realism , illustration , abstraction , pop-art, etc. will be debated as long as there are artists to debate the issues . Personally ,I haven’t viewed animation in the same light as the those other forms with the exception of illustration; however, I may have to reconsider this view .

    Ottilia Wach

    For many years here at DTO I have been lurking in the background and overwhelmed in my studies. Having watched Matt’s lesson on “Being a Successful Artist” to find your passion….I love portraits, architecture and landscapes. My question is this how can I make a living drawing, painting my 3 loves? I will gladly accept any and all feedback. Thank you to everyone for your valuable advice.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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