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    David Wade

    Hello Matt,
    Thanks for this course, it is amazing just how much you get down in a few short minutes.
    A few questions came to mind:
    Will you show any clothed gesture examples?
    Will you should how to gesture faces?
    Would you consider including appendices such as the Dec 5th 2016 members’ podcast in which you outlined gesture drawing in a really useful way?

    Sorry to be a pain as you will have most likely fully planned your delivery.


    Hi David,

    Hope you heard my answer in this weeks podcast.



    David Wade

    Hello Matt,
    I was able to catch up today and thank you for taking the time to answers my questions.
    My current thoughts on the gesture course are:
    I was initially worried that the videos would become too short but they are of a good length for the required learning.(Selfishly, I would like to see even more of your recorded examples.)
    Watching you draw and explain your emphasis in certain areas has helped me to fully understand advice given by you on several of my drawings as I can see it in action.
    What sets this course apart from the many out there is that you explain everything- too many YouTube videos simply show speeded up examples of their personal practice without any teaching.
    So I’m eagerly looking forward to get stuck into the latest instalment.

    David Wade

    Managed to have several days of gestural life drawing on holiday this past week and I have learned several things:
    1. You can let go of a bad drawing
    2. Drawing for the sake of drawing when it’s going wrong is still practice.
    3. I like to include the head and facial features as much as I can for my drawings to feel complete.
    4. I struggle to not outline everything as Matt suggests
    5. Everything covered in the gesture course is relevant.
    6. There is a pattern to drawing people that gets easier to see the more you draw
    7. I have adopted the starting in the top left of a pose (from Matt), or I will start from the head.
    8. Using tone sometimes really helps to feel out a pose.
    9. I need to practice putting down light guidelines then revisiting them with added detail as constantly demonstrated in Matt’s examples.
    10. The gesture course has taught me so much and now I really want to develop my personal style to incorporate Matt’s teaching from life and from reference photos.


    David, thanks for your sharing your thoughts and experiences with the gesture course. I may need to get to it sooner rather than later.

    David Wade

    Thanks for taking the time to read the post, Chris.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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