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    Arjun Khode

    Hi Matt. I’d like to share 2 things: a question, and some homework I did just for fun.
    In the ‘Application’ chapter of ‘Begin here…’, you mention that Sargent wasn’t so big on reflected lights.
    In contrast, I am in an observational phase where I keep noticing artists who lighten the shadows and make the terminator pop.
    Take this drawing of Jennifer Aniston for example.
    1. Has he modulated the shadows on the face or are shadows really that light in nature?
    2. On that patch on the face, it seems like some shadows on the nose are darker. Is the reflected light vs core shadow really that contrasty in nature? Or is he emphasizing it? As far as this ratio is concerned, I have also observed it in Ryder’s work.

    I chose 5 famous Instagram accounts from the top of my head and studied them. I noted that all 5 are severely consistent. I just wrote down a few characteristics I observed about them. I wanted to show you and everyone else my notes. Feel free to skip any amount of it in the podcast.

    moonmistix –
    flat, pink or violet, pastel, wacom
    characters, mostly OCs, kpop singers, professional quality.
    endgame: instagram stardom/insta blogging, commissions,
    posts almost daily,
    comes off as busy, always caught up in some daily work, kpop music culture junkie, “I made a mistake but here is my drawing”

    raichiyo –
    beige, chalky, pinup, cartoon girls with expressions,
    game characters, some repeating OCs, realistic lighting, emphasis on feminine curves,
    endgame: casual instagramming, works in animation, getting pinup commissions on the side,
    posts once or twice a week,
    comes off as having a lot of attitude, gamer, emphasizes on cool downs,“oops i accidentally drew this hot girl”.

    shierly_arts –
    black and white, graphite and color pencils, realism portraits –
    celebs, Indonesian culture, commissioned pieces, few own photos, hyperrealistic, white backgrounds,
    endgame: TOTALLY commissions, full time, day and night,
    posts at least 2-3times a week,
    comes off as persistent, super hardworking, someone who has overcome a lot of criticism from her followers along the way

    kyarix –
    pink and violet and teal, wacom tablet,
    angry girls OCs, thin waist, thick limbs, flat, cartoon, 3/4th views, endgame: not sure, she is probably a 15y/o girl,
    posts 4-5times a week,
    comes off as super smart, humble, always busy, emphasizes on luck

    polina.bright –
    grey+one color, watercolor, satisfying painting process videos
    subject: a girl’s face with animals
    endgame: running her prints, stationery and apparel brand
    posts daily
    comes off as neutral, promotes her brand

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