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    Mark Davey

    Hi Matt, Hi Everyone here at DTO, it’s been a while since I looked at the site and used the great resources for study. Been a busy year working toward my BA (hons). They fill up a lot of time and I’ve been missing working with the instructions here in DTO. So my first stop has been looking at hands and hand gestures. I’ve found myself falling back onto a default and very undefined hand with my life drawing. It’s been annoying me for a few months and then I thought that I had to resolve the issues that have caused me to be working in this manner. So I thought that I would come back and refresh my memory. Oh boy what a great solution. It’s already starting to sink in how much more there is for me to learn. Only on chapter three of how to draw the hand and even with these three instructions I realise that I need to work hard through the holidays to bring more dynamic strokes and some more confidence in life drawing. It’s great to be able to learn from such a driven teacher. I have been telling my tutors in college about how good Matt is at getting information across in his instructional videos. So I intend to make good use of the site over the next few months as well as working more actively with Painting tutorials Online. So I can work with a better use of colour.

    I’ve been very lucky to have had my first professional exhibition at the Radiant Gallery amongst my fellow students. My art was picked by the Magistrate to hang in the Magistrates Court Chambers. Which was a surprise and a delight. It was announced at the end of the opening ceremony by the course director and Head Tutor of Painting Drawing and Printmaking.

    I am very thankful for the help that Matt has given me through this site and am so very glad that I discovered DTO. Working through these instructions has given me so much confidence. I would never have thought it possible to be doing a BA (Hons) let alone having my work chosen by the local dignitaries. So a lot of thanks is due to you Matt. I’m working hard to understand form through light and shade. Remembering to keep my light light and my darks dark. Even when I look at some of my work and realize i have not always followed that advice.

    Mark Davey

    just getting to grips with the new way of making content on DTO. Sorry my first entry was all in bold. Not meant to be. hope that I am getting better here is the first two hours test on drawing hands.

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    Abigail Stout

    Congratulations on your first professional exhibition.
    Abigail 🙂

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