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    Lisa Gray


    I’m the person who left her name off of the March 12th Video Critique of the Value Ratio Woman’s Face (see attached image). Sorry, about that. I just wanted to thank you for the feedback and ask a question.

    It’s funny it’s like my mind plays tricks with my eyes. When you circle the shapes that are off on the drawings it is so crystal clear where the shape is off. I look so hard and closely when I am drawing and my mind just doesn’t see it the same way at that time. Is this just a learning curve for the brain? Will I get better at seeing the shapes correctly? It’s kind of baffling.

    Thanks again,

    Lisa Gray

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    Hi Lisa,

    For me it’s kind of second nature. I’ve been teaching these techniques for so long I kind of take them for granted.

    But yes there is a learning curve. You have to first work with the right reference that has good light and shade. Then you have to be conscious of the shadow shapes. Trying to draw them accurately is totally all about your eye hand coordination.

    That’s about drawing on a consistent basis. Keep pushing. You will see improvement. Keep posting to the gallery with questions:)


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