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    Ann Marie Soranno

    Hi Matt,

    Question is there a market for graphite drawings? I can’t decide if I want to just master Graphite drawing and then sell the drawings or if I should focus on mastering either watercolor or Acrylic painting. (I live in a small condo and I can’t use oil paints because of poor ventilation). I find that when I post my drawings to Instagram, I get more likes with color drawings then with graphite. Because of the responses I get, I’m thinking that adding color to my work will increase my odds of creating an income from my drawings. I work full time, so graphite drawings are much easier for me to practice after work and during my breaks at work. I like color a lot and want to add color to my work but not having enough time to learn the medium and practice drawing during the week is my issue. I am on the fence about adding color to my work, and that I keeps me going back to graphite drawing and not adding color at all. Then I think, maybe I should just practice graphite drawing for 6 more months and then look at adding a color medium to my work at that time.

    I’m rambling because, I am so confused about which color medium to use or if I should use a color medium in the first place.

    Ann Marie


    Hi Ann Marie,

    I will answer your question in tonight’s podcast. It will be posted up much later tonight. I’m currently on the road.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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