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    Karina Lim

    Hi matt, Im just finished with step by step. I skipped the value structure drawing because Im having statue fatigue but I’ve watched the application video.

    I have a few questions I collected going through the course:

    Regarding north light – can you explain a little more about this? Is all daylight from above considered north light or do we mean cardinal north? Is it always cool light? I thought I heard about it meaning cardinal north which gives the most constant light, but I’ve tried painting from life near windows facing south-ish and north-ish and I didn’t really discern a superior experience with facing north

    Line that separates light from dark – Im still a little unsure about situations in which to use this besides a portrait with dramatic lighting. Is it a continuous line you can draw throughout the whole painting or does each object in the painting have its own line that separates to promote form?

    Finally, how do you get your SVA students to cultivate a daily sketchbook practice? I’ve tried all kinds of habit forming tricks even productivity apps on the phone but I’m just not getting into it



    Hi Karina,

    Wow these are all really excellent questions. I have opinions on all of them. However I ask that I can answer your questions in Monday’s podcast.

    If you can wait that would awesome. I can answer them in a much more comprehensive way during the podcast instead of just typing answers in the forum.

    Much appreciated.


    Karina Lim

    Hi matt, sure… looking forward to the podcast!

    Kate Emery

    Great questions Karina – Can’t wait for Monday’s discussion. I have the same problem with developing a sketchbook habit. I get the value of the practice but it’s hard to figure out what to draw, what materials to use, how long to spend… The closest I’ve gotten is to grab my iPad when I sit down to watch a movie or quick show at night. While I watch I sketch the main protagonist or some interesting character. It’s good practice with the only downside being that I often lose track of the plot of whatever we’re watching :>)

    – Kate

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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