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    Mariska Van Hoof

    hi Matt,

    today I watched the lesson 20, step by step. there you talk a few times about artists, and I can’t understand there names. I can’t here them exactly. Can you give me there names?? it is in the 2nd and 3 video.
    you talk about artists who set a paint stroke for every value en every plane. Johnson and ….
    And you talk more about a few artists.
    I love it to go to look at them. can you give me the names?
    maybe it is an good idea, when you talk about someone… you scribe there names under the video.

    another question:
    last week I told you that I like Egon Schiele very muck.
    do you know other artists they do a little bit the same as he does?
    Artiste who have a beautifull line in their work..

    thanks again,

    Matthew Archambault


    Listen to Monday night’s member message.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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