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    Alx Mike

    hi Matt..i m thinking buying ipad pro for drawing, but i ve watched some video reviews saying that the screen is quite slippery and they put some matte screen protectors to add some friction and texture….i am thinking going to test it before i buy it..what is your opinion ?



    I finally bought one. It’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. i actually like it much better than my Wacom 27 QHD. I use it for everything.

    Yes if the screen has a lot of oils on the surface it will feel slippery.

    However the whole reason why I purchased it was because when I tested it in the store, the Apple pencil dragged on the screen the way the Wacom pen would not. I do not use a screen protector on the ipad pro.

    I do use a screen protector on the Cinitq. I actually rub a kneeded eraser on the Wacon screen to make the pen drag more.

    Of course everyone is different. Go to the Apple store and test it. Understanding that dozen’s of people have touched it with oil’s all over their skin. It will be slippery.

    I love it.


    Alx Mike

    i have it for a week and its great !!

    Jesse McAllister

    I’ve had an iPad Pro since April. Check out the iCarez HD Anti-glare screen protector. It’s available on Amazon. It adds a nice gritty texture, makes drawing on the iPad a dream. There is a little “noise” that takes getting used to at first (really only if you’re looking at a white or brightly colored canvas), but I don’t even notice it anymore. They cost about $10, two of them ship ( in case you mess up the install), and iCarez will send replacements no problem. Totally worth the purchase.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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