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    Thomas Maupin

    Well, here goes: about 18 months ago (2017) I got the brilliant idea to learn to draw despite having no previous experience except for drawing up football plays. I got together with an art history prof., started out with the upside down drawings, the blind contour drawings, etc etc. The one week she assigned 30 one minute gesture drawings and my head exploded. There was a long lull until I got the bug again. So I signed up for DTO. I’ve drawn a still life of a waterfowl, a leaf, a cup,and so on. Still can’t draw a cube to save my ****. Actually did 4 pages of circles and now I
    can draw a decent circle. I look for shapes to draw, i.e. ellipses, and so on. I’ve also used tracing paper to get my arm and fingers moving over the shapes. To that end I’ve been moving the pencil 2 to 3 hrs. per day/night.
    What should I be doing? I’m more than open to advice, critiques, and so on. I really like this site.
    Thomas in Indiana.


    Hi Thomas,

    Welcome. I commented on your post in today’s podcast.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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