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    Arjun Khode

    Hi guys!

    I’m Arjun. I am a portrait artist based in India.
    I studied and worked in Software until recently in the US.
    Last year, I decided to change my line and start doing art full-time 😍

    I love classical and academic art.
    Been doing all I can to reproduce atelier training in my home and I’m really glad I can get my work critiqued.
    I can invest almost all my hours into art right now; like a fully fueled Ferrari Berlinetta, ready to be set in motion 🙂

    I really appreciate what you’re doing with the site Matt!
    I have been delaying joining the site cuz I wanted to make sure I’m prepared.
    So I finished a huge series of schematic drawings of most human muscles and bone.
    And now, here I am! 🙂
    Would love to gain portrait mileage as a long term goal. Just need a correct, disciplined and structured process.
    Would love to learn pencil rendering as a short term goal.

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    Hi Arjun,

    Welcome to DTO. Definitely start going through the begin here step by step course. Plus do your best at uploading one image a week to the critique gallery. I would be happy to help you there.

    Love your story.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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