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    Nouredine Hussain


    My name is Nouredine, I’m 31 year old, married and have a lovely 11 months daughter. I’m a mathematician, have a full-time job, which means I don’t have allot of free time to draw.

    I started drawing as a child as soon as I was able to hold a pen. I chose not to work in the art business for several reasons but I often regret that, and I still have dreams of living from my passion.

    In the last months I felt the need to take drawing more seriously. I mainly draw during my travel to work in the train (I opened a journal with my train sketches: here ).

    My objective in art is to be able to draw anything in front of me (from life) with as much accuracy as possible while keeping a loose (sketchy) style (I don’t necessarily like rendering, which I think is one of my week points).

    My favorite drawing subject is portraits. My dream is to be able to draw any body that I crosses my path with a minimum number of lines and a maximum level of likeness (like Klimt and Sargent sketches).

    I subscribed to this website after I watched some of Matt videos and I really liked them, specially the members critique. I’m going through the step by step course now and I’m loving it.

    Excuse my for my bad English, and I hope you all the best.

    PS: I joined my self portrait to introduce my self (from life/mirror)

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    Hi Nouredine,

    Welcome to DTO. Thanks so much for sharing your story. Perhaps you can help me with some math, I’m terrible.

    Make sure you set some goals, watch the begin here videos. Don’t forget to post the critique gallery.


    Nouredine Hussain

    Thanks Matt !

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