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    Gordan Knezic

    Hi My name is Gordan,
    I joined DTO last week and this is my first time. Since early childhood I always loved to draw, loved art. Over the years I would pick it up here and there but soon enough would have to stop. Other priorities: studying, working etc. would take a precedent and I always had to put it away. Two years ago I got to go to watercolor workshop as a birthday present and that is what rekindled my art fire again, but without stopping this time.
    For the most part I am self-taught, learning from books and taking local art workshops. Painting landscapes, drawing various subjects as still life, landscapes, studying perspective etc. Overall I feel I am making a progress but lacking structure, clear guidance and feedback in the learning process. I am an engineer and to me structural, methodical approach is essential for success in any pursuit. That is the path leading to the “True North”. And from what I can see that is what DTO offers.
    I find DTO absolutely fascinating. Matt has done amazing job putting together a strategy and resources to teach just about everything when it comes to drawing and more. There are so many things to learn and I feel I want to know it all. I started on the new site with “Begin here step by step” as Matt advised and will do my best to follow the path.
    Looking forward drawing and learning a lot

    Marjan Van der Donk

    Welcome Gordan!
    Yes, Matt has a great approach to ‘hardcore’ classical drawing! You will find you will quickly grow in confidence because you’ll learn how to really ‘see’ what you are drawing, and know how to approach getting all of that onto paper.
    Enjoy, and don’t forget to upload onto the critique gallery for you will learn so much from that!


    Cara Harder

    Welcome from a fellow Canadian!

    I find Matt always gives excellent advice that really helps you progress. I just dabble for fun and know I’ll never be an artist, but I love learning about the techniques.

    I hope you enjoy the site as much as I do!


    Gordan Knezic

    Thank you Marjan and Cara!

    Linn Hansson

    Hope you’ll like it here. 🙂

    Gordan Knezic

    I do like it a lot, thank you Linn 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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