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    Saad Iqbal

    Just turned 21 years old about two weeks ago. I always wanted to get better at art but never knew how to go about practicing it, so I just put it on hold. The last time I drew before taking these classes was when I was around 14. I just did basic sketches but I did them everyday and it was phenomenal to just draw whatever I wanted.

    Recently, I got a surface pro and for a week now, I have been drawing for at least 5 hours everyday. I decided to take this course in hopes of finding a direction and knowing how to practice. The lectures so far have been nothing but informative and I think I will be sticking with the course for some time.

    I am currently getting a degree to become a Computer Scientist, but I always wanted to do Animation and/or become an illustrator. I just didn’t have the skills to go about chasing what I wanted to become. I love coding and thinking very analytically but art is something I want to pursue, although right now I just want to do it as a hobby. It’s just something I can do after a long day of work or coming from a 10 hour day at university. It lets me relax and enjoy the silence instead of hearing my self type on a keyboard.

    The only problem I have is that I love drawing digitally and I would love to know how to paint digitally as well. The courses offered are catered mainly towards traditional drawing with a pencil/paper. I have been doing it on paper but I just wanted to know if its okay to learn the fundamentals using my drawing tablet, like a surface pro 4.



    This is a great question. I would love to answer it in Monday’s podcast. Yes understanding the fundatmentials taught on this website will definitely help you with digital painting.

    I’ve traditionally painted my entire adult life. I’ve thought of and used all of the concepts taught here on the site.

    Thanks for your patience.


    Marty Kulma

    Hi Saad,

    I’m a performance engineer for HDS. i work digitally all the time (krita + wacom cintiq + linux mint). I took art in 8th grade, that was all my art education before joining. I can attest to what Matt says. I can guarantee you that what you learn here will absolutely apply to digital.

    I didn’t try color before joining – it was all pencil in mypaint (mypaint actually has excellent pencil brushes and infinite canvas – which is awesome).

    My most complete online portfolio is at dA (been there the longest) if you care to see what my journey looked like. https://kynlo.deviantart.com/

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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