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    Sarah Grey

    Hi there, I’m Sarah. I joined the site last week and I’m still getting my bearings, but I plan to stick around so I figure I should probably introduce myself.

    I used to draw and paint ALL THE TIME when I was a kid, on everything–my homework, the margins of hardcover books, walls, my clothing, the furniture. I stopped in 6th grade when I had a teacher who sent me to detention every time he caught me drawing in class. I almost took an drawing class in high school, but my guidance counselor told me it would be a liability on college apps…so I didn’t. In college, I wanted to major in design, but my parents were not at all happy with that idea…so we compromised and I got an Art History degree. I never really drew at all after that; I was embarrassed by the quality of my work, and I always felt like I was wasting valuable time.

    Now I’m a lawyer, and old enough to know I should have stuck with what I loved. 😛

    I don’t plan to make a professional career of drawing, but I do want to reconnect with it. I follow a lot of science fiction and fantasy artists–the Spectrum book series is one of my favorites–and I’m in total awe of their work. I’d be happy achieving a marginal level of competence, but I’d be absolute thrilled if I could one day produce a few pieces worthy of science-fiction convention art shows.


    Hi Sarah,

    Welcome to DTO. I love Fantasy art as well. I really appreciate what you wrote.

    Just enjoy your time here at DTO, use the critique gallery. I would love to help you with your drawings.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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