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    Felipe Menezes

    Hi everyone!! My name is Felipe I’m almost 37 now. I’m graduated in medicine, specialized in orthopedics, working as orthopedic surgeon since then.
    My father was an artist and I grew up watching him painting and drawing. So, spend time drawing is an activity that flows naturally for me. Nevertheless, I have never practiced drawing in a systematic way. Eventually, whenever an inspiration came, I began to draw without a specific technique nor academic knowledge. I used to draw conceptual ideas without knowledge about composition, color theory, etc… The drawings made by me that I like most were made in colored pencils. I tried oil on canvas once and enjoyed it.
    Two months ago my will to draw came back due to many reasons. I started studying Bridgman’s Complete Guide to Drawing From Life and some books by Andrew Loomis, then I realized that I need other techniques, methods and a specialist’s guidance to complement. It´s extremely important to watch an expert doing and learn from his critiques. I began to watch Matthew’s youtube channel and I enjoyed his material and his approach with his students.
    My main goal here is to learn methods to train the figure drawing from memory. First I want to render in graphite or other monotone gradations and then try diverse colored techniques applying color theory and some different styles. After, I want to jump in painting and digital painting. Moreover, I am interest in all courses of Drawing Tutorials Online, including the portrait drawing, composition, perspective drawing, trees and textures. Of course, the Matthew’s critiques are the most precious and important achievement in this course.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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