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    Christopher Morris

    Hi Matt,

    Lately, I’ve really been into long-duration drawings. I love getting lost in the layers and the details – that’s my thing. With my current schedule, it could take a month or several months to finish a drawing. What I’m finding out, is that my hand-eye coordination suffers; my ability to draw the contour goes downhill and it makes starting a drawing so difficult. Remembering what you’ve said in the past, I think I need to do a 20-minute warm-up drawing gestures before I pick up where I left off on the long-duration drawing. What do you think?

    How should I approach the gestures? Should I do a bunch of 1 or 2-minute gestures? Should I do four 5 minute gestures? Should I just do one 20 minute drawing? How would you approach this? I know I’m overthinking this…I just need some expert direction.

    Chris M

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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