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    Kjetil Ravnås

    Greetings from Norway fellow drawers,

    Let me try that again, greetings fellow aspiring artists. So my first language is obviously not English but luckily art transcends language. My name is Kjetil (Che-Till) Ravnås (Rah-vnohs) (It means Helmet Ravenhill but sound like Shitthill Ravenass in english, fun name ^^,) I am 38 years old, I used to draw a lot while growing up and took art school before university. At University I got into graphic design, multimedia production, 3D modeling and animation, movie production, sound engineering and interactive media but for some reason I just quit drawing. Even though I love creating beautiful things at the moment, it is all done digitally and by vector or 3D. I used to know how to draw, not well, but well enough to not be a noob. I was also dabbling with painting and sculpting but as digital and interactive work took most of my time at work, I never really pursued drawing again.

    Lately I have been feeling a strong pull towards learning to draw and paint again. I discovered the way I head learnt to draw was not optimal. My education was flawed, based on wrong principles, rushing to details and not learning the basics of proportions, anatomy, pose, story, composition, shading etc. I discovered by chance that one should focus on basic geometric shapes to build the structures and composition, and get that right, and then gradually layer with more details. As I started to rediscover how to draw I felt that immense satisfaction I once had felt 20 years ago, when I got serious about drawing and painting, and now I’m here, ready to dedicate myself and learn everything all over again and git gud.

    I have no immediate aim to become a fully fledged artist or to live of my art. I do this for myself, as a hobby and if I manage to get somewhat decent again, then maybe it will open opportunities. But for now it is a hobby, an attempt to be so accustomed to the tools and techniques that they are no longer in the way of me creating what is in my minds eye or to represent what is in front of me.

    I’m really looking forward to this new adventure in my life and feel really excited about this new journey.

    Peace out!



    Welcome to DTO. I really appreciate you posting an image to the gallery already. The most important thing is to stay focused on one course. Try not to jump around to multiple courses. That usually just leads to frustration.

    Take all the energy that you have and put into one course.

    Great to have you on board.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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