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    Nancy Friedlander

    Hi, I’m Tori.

    You know, I just checked and its only been four days since joined DTO. Since then, I’ve lost sleep watching one of the tutorials (fascinating). The cat resorted to nipping me on the leg to get my attention because I was too busy reading. I think even missed a meal or two. Don’t have a Northern exposure but do have a corner of my bedroom set up as a studio (the cat loves it) and am working on the whole easel thing (which might result in my banishing the cat, we’ll see).

    Already learned some things I didn’t know before or hadn’t really thought about. The idea that you don’t just do the lessons but also work on things you are passionate about was sort of a revelation to me. And that lead to some deeper thought about what I like to draw. So all in all, a good first few days. Did have questions about terms that Matt uses like “three Cs” and “rendering” but I’m hoping that will sort itself out as I progress.

    At the moment, I’m working on the “Begin Here Step by Step” lessons having already finished “Recommended Reading” and “Learn How to Use this Site”. Submitting my drawings was probably the hardest thing Matt asked me to do but I’m determined and I’m fairly certain you can’t see me blush from the other side of the monitor. Tomorrow night, I’m submitting the drawing from the last lesson as I move into the one that Matt has already said is the hardest lesson – Drawing Accurate Shapes.

    Wish me luck, I’m going in.
    ~ Tori


    Ho Tori,

    Listen to tonight’s podcast. I have some thoughts on avoiding burnout when you start with this much passion.

    Great post!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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