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    Arjun Khode

    Hi Matt. Robert Beverly Hale states in his lectures the importance of understanding form.
    He asks us to wrap rubber bands around cylinders, cones and spheres and draw spirals around each of those forms from various angles. Also to draw letters over various forms.
    – While I was trying to do that on my 3D software, I came across a strange anomaly. On the sphere I’m showing you with a letter E written on it, the nearer end appears more curved and the farther end appears flatter. Is this possible? I used to think the farther end is always curvier.
    – Then I looked at a mug from far away and that seems to be curvier on top and flatter at the bottom! When I see the same mug from very close, the top end appears flatter and bottom end appears curvier. I’m attaching pictures of what I was seeing.
    Besides that, I know that you talk about wrapping candy stripes around cylinders too. What are some great everyday things to draw to study this kind of stuff?

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    Alexander Shunko

    Arjun, in ZBrush you will always have some texture deformations depending on from which angle did you project the image onto a form. So it is not a valid learning tool (from a precision point of view).

    I guess Hale didn’t use the ZBrush for his exercise.

    Have a nice day,

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