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    Arjun Khode

    Hi Matt, I know you have talked in the past about how to start a series of drawings to at least 2 other members, I watched those videos where you give the James Jean reference in them. I am also re-watching the style and subject courses. But I still want your help planning a series.

    I looked at my Instagram profile and it doesn’t look cohesive overall. Sure it’s all women, but there are no common threads that visually run between the pieces. When a visitor visits my profile, I bet they see a bunch of random drawings put together. I really want to limit my range and do something like a 3 month series and find a style that way. Could you give me some guidance on starting a series?

    It could be because of the nature of my reference that a series was not intuitive in the past. They’re just random photos I picked up from Pinterest.

    I want to be associated with marble sculptures and academic art. Also Taylor Swift and female athletes. I’m just scared to commit at this point. How can I confidently say “this series defines me” and commit my full time to it?
    I am thinking about either a portrait series or a sculpture series.

    I really need to commit another channel to portraits, which was like the highlight of our coaching. I don’t plan on going back to my older channels because my friends and relatives are on it. Thinking of creating a new one eventually. But really need your thoughts on series first.

    To sum it up
    1. General guidance on planning a full time series
    2. How to commit to a series


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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