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    Thomas Traver

    I should preface this question with the fact that I’m probably going to sound very arrogant, but I promise you, I’m not trying to be.

    I attend a community college and the issue with that is that the figure drawing class is going to be aimed at the entire gamut of art, from animation to landscape painting. I’ve kind of gotten the notion that figure drawing for animation is most likely different from figure drawing from anything else.

    I know Matt teaches a drawing class at SVA, I’m know it’s in the animation program though i’m not sure if it’s a figure drawing class or a foundation class…regardless I’m really curious if the figure drawing courses you have here on DTO are similar to your teaching for figure drawing for animation? I’m not nocking your content (as a matter of fact it’s pretty great), I think I’m just searching for an answer because my figure drawing class seems (I can kind of feel that it is) to be more for illustration and it’s just frustrating.

    Maybe you even have suggestions for me on the direction I should head (though I assume that would probably need some photo-graphical evidence to where I stand as an artist, kind of tricky getting a camera at the moment)




    I traveling into the city to teach today so I’ll keep it short.

    There are many facets to being an animator. All of thos need a different skill set.

    I try to provide my students with a well rounded education. I teach them how to draw quick expressive gestures. I also teach them how to render form.

    It’s a 30 week class, six hours a class so I cover everything that I cover here.

    start with the 60 minute figure or how to draw the figure from your memory. That is where I’m starting with my animation class.

    Hope this helps,


    Thomas Traver


    I’ve kind of noticed in my figure drawing I tend to stop or get lost around the 10 – 15 minute mark. Maybe because I don’t know where exactly to go after that point or because in my mind (this probably comes from not doing it most of the time) I feel like it’s finished, at least for what I want to get from it.

    Either way, thanks, I’ll take a look into those courses.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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