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    Bettina Bergmann

    Hi Mat,
    I always used to draw my female faces/porträts only from imagination (you critiqued one of them last time. Thank you so much!). And I really love this process of great joy and flow. This way those faces seem to emerge by themselves on the paper; I never plan them. They are my “true north” I guess. I almost never draw still lifes or landscapes, because I feel no excitement or passion for it.
    But more and more I feel my limited skills when it comes to proportion, anatomy or when I want to incorporate more of the figure (hands, chest…)
    So I decided to start on this site here directly at the very beginning. And I really love to listen and watch to you about all the concepts such as line, shadow shapes and so on. Many of them are new for me. But- I couldn’t finish the practice drawings in chapter 2 and 3. All this measurement-that was too much precision for me. I lost the interest half way. So I think, I will watch the lessons further and try to apply what speaks to me and choose own practice projects. And as always suggested I will also start drawing from references and life although an exact likeness is not important for me.
    Do you think, that works?
    I hope my post sounds not weird since English is not my mother tongue. It was quite a bit difficult for me to put my problem/question into words.

    Kind regards
    Bettina 🙂

    Bettina Bergmann

    Oh, and I’ am sorry Matt for spelling you name wrong.


    Hi Bettina,

    No worries. I would love to answer your question in tomorrow’s Podcast. I appreciate your patience.

    It’s a great question that a lot of members have.

    Looking forward to it.


    Bettina Bergmann

    Hi Matt,
    that’s really great. Thank you! I’m looking forward to the Podcast.
    I already thought my question would be too stupid 😉

    Lucille Kreps

    Yep! I would benefit from this too! Thanks Bettina

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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