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    Arjun Khode

    Hi Matt. This week’s drawing gave me so much eye trouble. It started when one night I got too excited and instead of sleeping, I had a snack and sat to draw again and my eyes got seriously injured. It was such a stupid thing to do. For the next day or two, I seriously doubted if I would ever be able to draw traditionally again. But they eventually recovered, I am so glad.
    Point #2 is that I get stressed out when I draw traditionally. I forget to blink and sometimes I stick whatever is in my hands into my eyes. Could you suggest something to relax me so I don’t get so nervous and stressed out when I draw traditionally?


    Hi Arjun,

    I will comment on this in Monday’s podcast.


    Arjun Khode

    Hi Matt, just to provide closure to this topic, I went to another doctor today and he also said that my eyes are completely fine after a few tests, but certainly dry. He said that if you expose the eye directly to sources of constant pressurized air like AC or cooler, it expands the blood vessels. He also said the dryness could be due to vitamin D deficiency so I need to get into the sunlight more, which makes sense. Now I know what to do!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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