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    Nouredine Hussain

    Hi Matt,

    Although I admire the beauty of a carefully rendered drawing, I’m personally more attracted to “sketchy” drawings. First because I feels sketches are beautiful and they clearly state “I’m a sketch, I’m not reality, I don’t pretend to be real, but look how alive I’m”. Second, because rendering takes time, and time is the one thing me and many who have a non artistic job and a family lack.

    I know I have to learn rendering even it is not my style, but often I feel I will benefit more from drawing 4 sketches in eight hours than one carefully rendered drawing.

    So here my question, and as usual, it has two parts:

    1- How do masters like Repin, Valentin Serov, Klimt or Sargent manage to draw in a loose way, sketchy way of rendering, while getting the likeness with the model and having there sketches look very realistic ? When I sketch, like you can see in my member journal “drawing in the train”, my sketches don’t look like the model and often look cartoony and not realistic. How can I merge the three concepts “loose and sketchy drawing”, “realistic” and “getting the likeness” (I’ll add speed when I draw from life in the train for example) ?

    2- How much time you think master sketches like the ones I posted took ? A ask that because I feel one of my weaknesses is drawing too fast, trying to emulate such sketches but I may be trying the impossible because of my illusion of a master sitting with a sketchbook in his hand, drawing such master pieces in few minutes. I may be need to slow down.

    Thank you so much for answering my questions and have a nice week,

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    Hi Nouredine,

    Listent to tonight’s podcast. Great question.


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