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    Amy Lee

    Hi everyone! So I have had a Instagram account that I posted my handmade cards for >2 years. I’ve been building that page until recently I decided not to make cards anymore and focus on drawing and doing more art stuff. But the thing is my Instagram handle is called “thecraftbunny” because I was doing art and craft stuff. Now I’m shifting to drawing which is no longer craft. I think I kind of have a branding issue here so I was thinking if I should just start a brand new account just on art. However, I do have some followers back in my craft days and most of my followers are avid crafters. If I just start a new page, I will have to start from zero. But it kind of seems weird that my IG feed has both cards and art now. My gut is telling me that most crafters don’t like the art stuff I post because I’m getting way less likes on them! What do you think I should do? I want some open suggestions.

    Second question I have is about contrast. I was comparing my own art to my favorite artists’s work (other people on Instagram whose styles I absolutely love). I notice they have much more contrast in every piece that they do while mine is more subtle. You can see their darks are darker than mine, with a bigger variance in values. Mine mainly are staying within like 3-4 values. I’m starting to wonder if this is a style thing or should I pay more attention to make my drawing more impactful by increasing the contrast? The first picture is my Instagram feed, the second and third one are artists that I love!

    Matt, I would love to hear what you think!

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    Anita Cissel

    I understand your dilemma. I recently came to the same conclusion, that I wanted to focus on my art instead of the other things. I found that you can change your name on Instagram really easy. Just go to “edit profile” and change your name under “username”. At least, it worked for me. Though I understand your conflict with branding since you’ve used that name on other sites.
    As for the followers… unfortunately, I have very few right now, so I didn’t worry too much about changing what I wanted to do. Plus, my account was already diverse. You, on the other hand, have quite a following, so changing the focus of your account from cards to art will have a bigger impact. You might lose quite a few followers, but then again, you might keep a lot of them. Whereas if you start from scratch you will lose all of them.
    Anyway, that’s my two cents. I hope what I said makes sense.



    Hi Amy,

    Excellent question. Would love to make some suggestions during Monday’s podcast.

    Hope all is well.


    Kenneth Roberts


    I have a question for you. I understand that when an artist does a portfolio for somebody, there are usually certain requirements for that portfolio. Examples: 10 to 20 finished work pieces, or sometime unfinished work to show process, one style or many styles, etc. I was wondering what qualifications you used as a professional illustrator in your portfolio when you were looking for clients. How did you handle your portfolio and how did you use it to show off your work?



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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