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    Victor Beaumont

    What’s the deal with the art world? Why is digital art seen as inferior to art created with traditional materials? Yes, I understand there’s no “original” with a piece of digital art, and depending on the quality of the print, it can look different. But, in my mind, the real difference is that “real” art sells for higher prices because it’s “unique” and so, because people are willing to pay higher prices for a “real” painting, most art dealers aren’t interested in selling digital art.

    As 3D printers improve, I think it’s going to be increasingly difficult to distinguish between an oil/acrylic painting and a digital painting. Both would have texture, and a really good giclee print uses the same pigment that goes in paint.

    So, am I missing something, or is the art world stuck in the 19th Century?

    Jesse McAllister

    I think the fine art world is slowly coming around to digital art, whereas the illustration/commercial art world has pretty much fully embraced it.

    Marty Kulma

    Sure they’re slow to change, a lot of people have been set in their ways. The world is switching from “owning” to “subscribing”, and ideas like owning an original $5000 painting are transforming to ideas of having high quality print for a tenth of the price.

    There will always be a market for traditional, one of a kind pieces that I can’t see digital getting into. But i don’t see that increasing much unless the 1% starts sharing their wealth.

    Victor Beaumont

    I thought this article provides a pretty good answer to my question:–cms-22010#post_comments

    The bottom line message: art isn’t in the medium. Art is the soul hidden in the medium. And, no matter what medium you use, learning to create art is pretty much the same.

    Matthew Archambault

    Listen to tonight’s podcast.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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