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    Dana Burton

    August 1, 2019

    :earning to use the website 2) developing a routine, especially submitting work for critique, 3)completed the Reading Resources unit, 4) learned how to download to a memory stick, 5)learned how to print at Office Depot, 6) bought Strathmore 400 paper, 7) bought the Colorase pencil, 8) bought a table-top easel, 9) set it up in the kitchen by the big window, 10) introduced myself on the forum (and learned how to submit my test), 11) drew the statue from the Pen to Paper unit, 12) watched Matt draw the statue several times, 13) remembering to keep my pencil sharpened, 14) daily drawing a value chart, 15) practicing “driving my car over the lines”, 16) practicing drawing a continuous line, 17) practicing drawing line with thick and thin, dark and light, 18) trying to draw from imagination every day, 19) Noticing what I like to draw so I can set goals and find focus. I’ve noticed that the one thing that ALWAYS makes me want to pick up a pencil is an interesting face. And that has expanded to include an interesting body, 20) watching Matt’s sketch book videos is motivating ( Natalie and Rex) 20) practicing gradations. I can do a three gradation but not the ten values, yet

    A) I did not like using the Colorase pencil because the lead is HARD. I am used to drawing with a soft pencil (2B or 3B Staedtler).
    B) I really, really like watching Matt draw. I turn off the sound and just watch how his hand moves. Sometimes his hand moves over the paper and then lands decidedly on the paper and progresses to draw. I wonder what he is thinking or visualizing when his pencil is OVER the paper C) My first attempt at drawing the statue was very out of proportion. Also, I wonder how the missing head, arms, and legs were positioned before they were broken.
    C) I watched Rex’s Sketchbook video. I love the way she draws. She can draw everything: animals, buildings, people, details, patterns, characters…WOW

    Dana Burton

    August 3, 2019
    1) Bought a spiral notebook for a Critique Journal 2) drew the headless statue for the 6th time and attempted values. My values have no gradations. HOW on earth do those gentle gradations happen? PRACTICE? Yep. 3) Felt the need to do some easy drawings so I went to Frannerd on You Tube. Fun relaxation. 4) I like the Strathmore 400 paper. 5)Continue to do the daily value chart, driving the car, and expressive line. I need to add the shape copying exercise.
    I like having this journal for remembering what I have done. I might try to draw the statue again and try to focus on getting gradations.

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