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    Owen Jollands

    Hi Matt, I’ve watched the first 3 style lessons & think the whole lifestyle thing makes a lot of sense. I’m an artist already for a living (comic book coloring which doesn’t leave a lot of spare time) but my drawing isn’t where I want it to be & it needs to improve to take my career forward. I think I’m one of those people with no inherent style or else what inherent style I have I don’t like & would like to change.

    My confusion comes in as I’ve been under the impression that the academic approach to drawing is the best way to get a strong foundation in drawing from which you can develop into other styles.

    I am interested in developing the skill and enjoy the aesthetic of academic drawing but my goal for my own personal projects as an illustrative style is probably more along the lines of artists like Frank Cho, Lorenzo Etherington or Glenn Keane – somewhere in the realms of competent cartooning that’s anchored in realism. This style would be a higher priority for me to develop but not at the expense of being competent at creating the image.

    Am I taking a poor approach to developing a style along these lines by following the more academic courses here or am I on the right lines trying to develop competency in drawing through the academic approach first before pushing for a style? Or should I be doing both at once?

    Thanks for any insights if the way I’ve explained that isn’t too confused itself 🙂


    Hi Owen,

    Listen to tonight’s podcast.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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