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    Alan Franceschini

    Hi Matt,

    What should a concept art portfolio look like?

    -focused on one thing only (like characters) or more varied/generic (characters environments creatures etc)
    -fully rendered pieces or character sheets with sketches and written explanations
    -are there pieces which definitely should or should not be in it (figure Drawing studies, fanarts, portraits, full figures, illustrations, sheets with different facial expressions, costume/clothes variations sheets)
    -is 3D relevant?
    -should one display a variety of styles, keep a consistent one or try to emulate that of a specific company
    -how do you decide the order of the pieces?
    -What do you actually send out? (A folder with pngs, one pdf file, a slideshow video, etc)
    -is there anywhere to find “successful” portfolios of professional artists to look at?
    -what are the key differences versus an illustration portfolio

    Sorry if it’s a lot of questions but I’m really ignorant when it comes to this stuff.

    Thanks for all your help,

    Alan Franceschini

    Also how many pieces should it contain?


    Hi Alan,

    Listen to tonight’s podcast, it will help.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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