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    Hi Matt and students of DTO!

    How do you choose your own personal color palette for forexambel oil paintings?
    I have thought of using some of the modern bright colors of our time, but struggle a lot.
    Also thought of using bright colors for underpaintings and then tone it down with the help of natural colors.
    Still a stuggle!!

    Now thinking I need to paint from life and photos and copy colors, because what I need is basic knowledge of colors?!!

    What are your thoughts?

    Thank you!


    Suzanna Lasker

    I usually end up with an earth pigment palette with my watercolors, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, raw and burnt umber, ultramarine blue, and a few non-earth pigments, moonglow (Daniel Smith), olive green, alizarin crimson brown — they’re pretty harmonious…it would seem that burnt
    sienna for the red is dull and dreadful, but with the palette it works…


    Matthew Archambault

    Hi Anne,

    Great question. Listen to tonight’s podcast. I struggled with this for years too.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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