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    Sapir Lapid

    Hey everyone,

    I currently have an old intuos4 medium and I really don’t like it and want to draw straight on a screen.

    I’m wondering if I should get a Wacom cintiq pro 13 or iPad Pro 2 12.9”.

    From the reviews I watched, it seems the iPad experience with the Apple Pencil is superior to the cintiq experience. It has no parallax, supports pressure sensitivity and tilt right out the box and is also mobile.
    On the other hand, it seems that cintiq is more professional and will let me use better software like Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint. People say that cintiq is needed to get finished high quality painting and iPad isn’t there yet.

    So I wonder what are your thought about it? Can the iPad Pro be a good replacement to cintiq or just a fancy sketchbook?
    Which one should I choose?


    Hi Sapir,

    Great question. I will address it in tonight’s podcast.


    James Gibson

    I know it wasn’t one of the options in the question… I just got the Huion Kamvas GT 221 Pro.
    It was $830. It is awesome! My biggest issues with it are that the driver could be a bit better done and the parallax was something I wasn’t ready for though I feel I am adapting quickly. For the price though… I think it is was a great purchase for me. FYI I was going from an Intuos 4 large.

    Disregard as you see fit. I am just excited to be part of an art community.

    Marty Kulma

    It depends on your workflow. iPad has been great for portable sketching and generating art – the images can be uploaded to sites. But you don’t have finer grained control over the files themselves (apple doesn’t want people playing with files). iPad also has limited storage, so you aren’t going to have a reference library on it which you might on your own computer. Getting the images onto other monitors or into different programs is going to be more problematic – if you need to take your piece into PS to do something – you have to get it over to your computer. I believe there is also only one decent choice for software – procreate (and you may be fine with that).

    Having tried it, i knew it wasn’t for me – i like to have reference ahead of time, use different software (gimp) to color/tone adjust my reference , and generally like a faster interface (keyboard + pen) vs the pen only interface. I currently have a 13hd and mobilestudio pro. It was costly, but it has already paid for itself in illustration work.

    If you have an apple store nearby, you might try it out yourself. Good luck! Do let us know which one you decide to go with!

    Sapir Lapid

    Thanks everyone for your responses!

    Matthew – You pronounced my name correctly (Sapir is Hebrew word for Sapphire).

    James – I actually thought of going for a cintiq alternative, checked on xp pen Artist16 (15.6″) which is cheaper. Huion Kamvas costs almost like the cintiq so I don’t care to add a little more and get a cintiq (or iPad that might cost the same with the Apple Pencil).

    Marty – There are different options for the iPad pro storage and it can go up to 512GB. I actually don’t mind sending PSDs and images to my computer using emails or any other transfer app.
    For the drawing apps there are ProCreate, SketchBook, Clip Studio Paint Ex, ArtRage, and even AstroPad to connect to a Mac computer like other tablets.

    Currently I’m leaning more towards the iPad because of the good reviews about the drawing experience, and instead of getting just a drawing tablet I’ll get a stand alone tablet that can do many other things too.
    I don’t have an Apple store nearby and the resellers here don’t put Apple Pencil on display to test so I’ll try it in a month when I go abroad.

    Kimberly Williamson

    I know I’m a little late to the game here, but there’s a website that might help those looking for a tablet in the future – There’s a ton of info there on different tablets, including reviews.

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