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    Linn Hansson

    I’ve just finished watching the refine part of the cast drawing where you ask our opinion about the rendering part of the drawing. Even though this tutorial might be old I wanted to give some input on it. As you said, some tutors show you the basic outlines and then get inside their caves finishing the masterpiece. What I like about the cast drawing (which is the only drawing tutorial I’ve tried so far from this webpage) is that I can follow your mistakes and success. I love to watch the photo next to the drawing and think “hm… this cannot be right” and then suddenly you change it into something more accurate. I find that this sort of critical thinking makes me more aware of my own drawing. Sometimes I can see that my drawing is incorrect, but I cannot see what it is. I am far from finished with my cast drawing, and it has a lot of flaws in it, but I each time I watch a new part of the tutorial I learn something new and I get a tool to correct some of my mistakes. Even though I might not finish it perfectly, I will still think of all the tip and tricks next time I render a drawing and I really do appreciate the thorough step by step. I hope to see that in the other tutorials as well. I’ve been subscribed to some watercolorist web schools and they have always cut away half of the process, leaving me confused and I’ve lost interested in both the tutorial and my own painting.
    Thank you for learning me a nice way to draw more like the old masters. I really hope to be able to kick some ass in a few years, if possible! 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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