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    James Coughlin

    In your three point perspective drawing when using the blending stumps are you using light pressure when blending or medium pressure. Do you ever use blending stumps when doing figure drawing in graphite or charcoal. I see you use a brush on occasion. Thanks Jim.


    Hi Jim,

    No I’m not pressing down super hard. I guess you can say moderate pressure. It really depends.

    I’ve used a blending stump once with figure drawing and it was a disaster. The figure looked like a cotton ball.

    Maybe I will revisit it. Thanks you so much for watching the three point. Did you get something from it?

    James Coughlin

    Three point perspective was very helpful. I did not understand how to pick different vanishing points when you can not see the horizon. Several photos I wanted to use, but could not figure what vanishing points to use. Video did give me a better understanding of this. Also picking what part of photo to use and add your own scenery was a helpful tip. Thanks Jim

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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