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    Linn Hansson

    Got inspired by Matt’s love for the Met and decided to visit the art gallery in Gothenburg, Sweden where they have a guest exhibition with Rembrandt. They had 5-6 paintings from him as well as some etchings. I haven’t really been a huge art fan before, I think my interest began when I visited the Nordic Watercolour museum a few years ago and watched a very famous artist from Sweden called Lars Lerin. His work is amazing and I just loved watching his paintings. My grandfather who paints with watercolour adores this artist and I really do understand. Zorn is known for painting fantastic water and Lerin is known for his atmosphere and light.
    Anyhow, I watched the paintings or Rembrand, some Monet, Zorn etc and just wished that I lived in a city like New York which I visited last summer. I loved the Met and I could have stayed there forever in some parts of it (yes I could live in the Egyptian part, having parties with the mummies). Watching a painting in real life is nothing like watching a photo of it. I loved how Rembrandt’s paintings glittered in the light and had so much more depth than it does on the promo photo on the museum’s website. One thing that struck me though was that on my favourite painting of the one’s on display: “Riddaren med falken” was that the only real details was in the face. Obviously the reason was to keep focus on his face with that fantastic lightning, but the other parts of the painting was muddy, dull and almost a bit “sloppy”. I loved to see the impact it had on the painting.
    I also got to see a beautiful piece by Zorn where he captured water so well. The water overpowered the naked women on the cliffs. I went to his museum in his home town when I was little but I cannot remember much from it. I’d love to go back to see the paintings again. As well as to the Louvre which I visited as a teenager but I was not that into art by that time either and I dread that I did not enjoy it more than I did. I’ll probably never have the money to go back to New York to just hang out at the Met, but I am so happy I did visit it when I was around because it really made an impact on me. I might have to go back to the art museum in Gothenburg and just sit down watching some of my favourite pieces. I am one of those boring people who just run down the hall if I do not see any painting that catch my interest. Unfortunately the museums are full of weird and boring paintings as well! :p

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