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    Cairo Santiago

     Hi, this is a follow up to a question i had a month or so ago. You were trying to give me advice on my portfolio but i failed to tell you what field of art i was applying for. Well right now im working on a portfolio for animation. My main issue is that im extremely worried that i will leave out something, some skill they want to see that i can do but didnt put into the portfolio. I have a max of 20 pieces and im not sure how to ratio it. I dont want to many creative pieces and to few academic drawings or vis versa. I’ve been asking students from the school and have gotten some help but im still not sure. Do they want a bunch of gesture drawings, any rendered figures? Still life, character work, etc. I just really need to make a good portfolio, i have the creativity i know that, i just want to show my technical skill. Any help would be great.

    Cairo Santiago

     Ok so i made a list of the things i think i need in my portfolio, trying to ratio it out.

    2- pages of gesture drawings (models and photos for action) i honestly dont understand how you can draw movement in real life with people moving around.
    3-life drawings in public
    3- environment pieces
    5- storyboarding pieces
    2- long pose rendered drawings
    5- character design pieces

    Thats my best attempt of figuring out what i need to show in my portfolio, any thoughts?


    Listen to tonight’s podcast. I’ll help you out with these questions.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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