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    Sara Corren

    Hello Matt,
    I’m just letting you know that I did post some questions last week but perhaps they “dropped off” as you said in the podcast you had technical issues.

    My question is regarding animal portraits. With humans, you teach to look for shape of head alongside shape of hair and the line between light and dark for setting up a drawing. Could you please advise of some drawing anchor points that one could look out for animals as fur can be non-reflective?

    Also, there are a few artists that I follow on social media who advocate drawing without a pencil in order to keep that fresh looseness of watercolour and to train the eye. Was that something you ever did as an illustrator in painting some sections of your work? I can see in Sargent’s watercolours he has those wonderful gestural brushstrokes in his painting where it looks as if he employed that. However, in saying that, he was also a master draughtsman!😅 I would be really interested in your thoughts about this.
    Thank you in advance,



    Great questions. Definitely listen to tonight’s podcast.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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