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    Lucille Kreps

    Hi Matt,

    I’m wondering if you might be able to clarify something for me about the anatomy of the knee? Does the patella move as the knee bends and, if so, how far is it’s range of motion? Where can I expect it to be when a person’s leg is straight vs when it is bent all the way?

    Also, I did hear your podcast from this week and I don’t mean to add anything extra to your plate but a tutorial I would love to see – and a topic that is often avoided by many other teachers – is how fat tends to pack onto the figure? I know that it’s considered attractive and main stream to see young athletic pose models but learning how fat packs onto the form, what happens to the joints, the gravity of fat ect would be a really valuable topic I feel not only for those seeking to draw or paint from a wider variety of body types but also for those wanting to design all kinds of characters.

    I love the pose videos and appreciate all the hours of hard work it must be to shoot and accumulate all those photos and put them into videos – it would be amazing if, at some point, we could have some pose videos of the types of models it is so hard to find other places. I feel that adding for example some heavier models, even really obese, some skinny males, or some middle aged or even elderly models would be awesome. I’ve been very frustrated since trying to get into figure drawing last year by how hard it has been to find photo reference of anything but very skinny young females and very muscular young men. It does seem necessary for learning anatomy, but I think a wider variety would really bring something unique and needed among the online art community

    thanks for reading : )

    – Lucille

    Matthew Archambault

    Hi Lucille,

    Great questions. Listen to tonight’s podcast.


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