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    Adina Rafaila

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first sketchbook (online or offline). I’ve had scattered drawing phases, but I never kept a proper journal/sketchbook.
    I’ll post here my daily practice and I hope I’ll see some improvements that will motivate me 🙂

    Adina Rafaila

    Day 1 – nothing glamorous.
    I started with the “Marks on Paper” lesson and did a Value Scale and toned lines.
    Since there’s no Prismacolor in sight around here, I used a Derwent Studio, Ivory Black.

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    Adina Rafaila

    Day 2 – I decided to do the “Marks on Paper” lesson, this time in graphite.
    I wanted to use a single pencil for the whole Value Scale, an HB.
    Since HB doesn’t go any blacker, I had to do everything a few tones lighter, but I also tried to keep the same ratio between tones.
    The toned lines were waaay more difficult to do with graphite. It was like the pencil was bumping into invisible obstacles on the paper :))
    Thus, more trembling lines… But after a while I got used to it.

    After doing the value scale and the lines I decided to give a try drawing the torso from Matt’s “Make your Mark” video.
    I used the HB, 2 mm mechanical pencil.
    First, I didn’t measure anything so I got a longer torso.. Then I got messy with the shading. I can’t shade! It’s crazy. This is the reason I stopped drawing so many times.

    But anyway, I guess it’s a decent “thingy” I did for a first try 🙂

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    Wow this is so great. I will take your drawings into consideration as i design the Begin Here Step By Step Department.

    I love your process. Keep it up. And, post something up for a critique.

    Adina Rafaila

    Thank you, Matt!

    As a beginner, I would see the learning process starting with measurements and 3D forms, adding into later steps the shading.
    The reason is that if, as a beginner, you don’t have a good enough 3D line drawing, the shading will mostly always look bad. That’s something that always made me quit drawing.
    I’ve watched today the “Form” video, but I would like to study more about it, also combining it with measurements. If there’s anything like that in the classes, can you please direct me to what I should watch?

    Adina Rafaila

    Had a few busy work days, so I’m starting drawing again today.

    Day 7

    Purpose: study line quality
    Timeframe: 1.5h
    Tools: Derwent Studio, Ivory Black (never again)

    This is how failure looks like 🙂
    I did this with the Derwent pencil. Even though it can get darker than graphite, I don’t like the way it feels… I guess I should use only graphite for a while, instead of switching tools all the time.

    The start of the drawing was going really well, I had convex lines, multiple angles, I was working really light and confident.. until i started going a second pass to darken some parts of the drawing.
    I guess habit is stronger than reason, because even though i was literally talking loud to myself about which part i want accentuated, i ended up with an 80% accentuated drawing.
    Plus, my whole light, complex line work disappeared under the thicker lines. i wasn’t focusing anymore on the form, but in getting those dark lines.

    Anyway, I learned a few things. Like controlling the pencil more from my shoulder, dragging my hand on the paper to keep off weight from the pencil.

    What I’m not confident in at this moment, is my measuring and shading.
    I actually didn’t want to shade any of it, but I started shading bits and ended up with a mess.
    About measuring, I need to do some more research.

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    Adina Rafaila

    Day 8

    Purpose: study line quality and visual measuring
    Timeframe: 2.5h
    Tools: 2B, 2mm pencil

    I studied the angles and measuring and decided to apply together with line quality.
    In the cat drawing I started by measuring the head, splitting the body by this unit, adding angles.
    The head is too big and by trying to work clean, with a light line I end up less focused on the measurements.

    With the second drawing I decided to have some fun, I didn’t measure and just sketched freely.
    I did some photoshop fixes on top of it to see how off i was. I think it’s actually better than the cat.

    Things I’ve learned:
    – It’s ok to start with a loose drawing as long as I use very light lines
    – After having the initial construction, check some angles, points and measurements to make sure everything is placed correctly
    I think, at the moment, this would be the best combination for me. I can train my coordination and learn to trust it. I can also have immediate feedback and check my initial sketch.
    Measuring everything out in the beginning really takes the fun out of drawing for me and I really feel I do better when I do my loose sketching first.

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    Adina Somesan

    This was my old sketchbook here 😀
    Glad to see how much I evolved, yikes!

    My plan is to update it once a week with the most relevant drawings I did during that week.

    17-23 Sept 2018

    Short Studies: gesture, form(simple to complex), measuring, line quality
    Long Studies: Seeing Shadow Shapes
    Tools: sketchbook, HB 2mm pencil

    For the long study, Seeing Shadow Shapes, I struggled and spent a lot of time measuring. Because I used such strong lines, it was difficult to figure out the values for the shadows. I was basically trying to hide the strong lines and incorporate them.

    For the gestures, I felt most comfortable doing the 1-2 min gestures. 30 sec was not enough for me, and more than 2 min I felt was too long.

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    Adina Somesan

    For the short studies, I’m picking each week or two a theme, so that I can apply the concepts to something interesting to me.

    This week I studied the wolfdog.
    I started each day with gesture, varying the duration from 30 sec to 5 min.
    Then I started studying the skeleton, skull, paws, muscles for the head to better understand the form.
    Especially heads are difficult for me to grasp is space.

    I’m happy with the results and what I learned is that I’m good at doing a quick gesture for laying the basic shapes and my measuring is 90% correct. I feel more comfortable starting a drawing like this because I don’t lose momentum carefully measuring. I can do a light sketch and then measure and correct and apply the details.
    I’ll use this technique in the next long drawing too to see the difference.

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