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    Felipe Menezes

    Hi Matthew!! I took a demonstrative class in drawing human models from life. I’m almost sure that I will take this entire course. In that demo class I was asked to draw the model whitout looking to the paper. The blinding drawing. The experience was very different and enriching, but the result was a mess. The main goal described in the course information is to train the visual perception of the form through the human body observation, using the line as the main structure. But I didn’t see any students, even those more advanced, drawing in a similar look that you teach here. I saw students using gouache, watercolor, charcoal, acrilyc painting and other mediuns in realism or abstraction of the subject. My question is: Is this kind of drawing that I’m trying to learn here what is called an academic drawing? And Is it worth doing a more style-free course even if I am looking for this kind of academic drawing? Thank you. Observation: The course is taught by an experienced artist with formal academic formation and in an well evaluated school here in my city.

    Matthew Archambault

    Hi Felipe,

    I will give my opinion on your question in today’s podcast. Should be fun.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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