A tricky question: How to deal with limiting beliefs about being an artist?

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    Rebecca Parsons

    Hi Matt,

    I have been struggling for a while with believing in my ability as an artist. How would you recommend to help unravel limiting beliefs from the people in authority from ones youth?
    I look at my work and more often than not, see it as amateur and like its only ever going to be a hobby because I could never be a professional. Tts always been a dream to exhibit pieces that I’m really proud of one day, ever since I was a kid but years of ‘art will get you nowhere’ seems to have seeped in. It gets in the way of dedicating myself to practicing like a professional in order to become a professional as I feel irresponsible and guilty spending so much time on a ‘hobby’.

    Have you known people that have felt this way and how did they deal with it please?

    thank you 🙂


    Alexander Shunko

    Hi Rebecca.

    A really good question … Lets see what Matthew will answer.

    But if you are interested in different people opinions …

    Every time I grow as an artist – my standarts grow too. And the truth is that my standarts grow much faster than my abilities. So for me it is impossible to be proud of my work, there is always so much to learn !!!

    Every time I get over the issues is not because I beleive in my abilities, but because I want to achieve the result. That is how I did some achivements in my life in which I didn’t beleive at all. It just happened as a result of enough efforts made.

    The more you want to achieve something – the higher your chances to really get that. The opinions doesn’t help. Imagine that everyone around you in the past was very supportive and told you that you have to become an artist… What really changes?

    No need to make pretty drawings every time. All the drawings that make you a better artist over time are good drawings. Even if these drawings are real crap now.

    Sometimes manure helps to grow a fruit tree.

    It is hard to convince yourself that you will eventually do a masterpiece when you really still can’t. And time flies, isn’t it?

    No need to beleive. You just want the result – and this forces you to work. The more you want – the more you do. The more you do – the higher chances that you succed.

    But people pay their lives to art. And there are no warranties, it is true. Is it really what you want?!

    I guess it is much better to have a good hobby than a bad career.

    Best regards,

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