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    Alexander Shunko

    Hi, Matthew.

    Which techniques should I use if I am not going for a portrait likeness or even the right proportions, but instead want to make a lot of imperfect and fun drawings for a short period of time?

    There are lot of techniques here on DTO, and some of them are completely different (for example, Angles and Opposite C’s are practically incompatible in one drawing).

    Literally, perfect is the enemy of good. I would really like to overcome my self-criticism in drawing and have fun in the process… It seems that I stuck with a lot of fear, eyestrain and a lot of obstacles… I would like to do a lot of relatively easy, but fun studies instead of one long and difficult drawing.

    I am curious, what could be your list of techniques to use in short duration drawings (10 – 15 minutes long)?



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