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Suzanna Lasker

I used to get very depressed when a drawing failed….either a really bad drawing or a mediocre choice of idea or medium. It’s like one of my other challenges…making hard boiled eggs. Sometimes I end up with soft boiled or over boiled with that greyblack sulphuric ring….but that doesn’t stop me from boiling eggs. From personal experience over decades…to quit making art is to quit being me…leaving a great gaping hole called depression. What I’ve learned to do is wait it out, go and research subjects and ideas, or just smell the flowers. The urge to make art comes back…I do think there’re is a needed breathing spell in the flow of creativity. I’m including a dud of a painting I started last Wednesday (from this week’s drawing post). I wasn’t really looking and painted the mouth a half an inch off center…you can see how I worried the watercolor paper trying to correct it…