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Samantha Sewell

Thank you so much to you both for sharing your experiences and advice!

Marjan – That is actually quite a good point about being able to make a better decision at the age of 20, I think I was just quite worried about being older and feeling behind, but then again I won’t be because I’ve also been learning and maturing while away from education.
All those aspects you’ve written about is really encouraging and exciting, and I think university definitely could be the nearest-to-perfect choice that I could make for myself in a year’s time.
I just got a job working in a local gallery so it’ll help me save up as well as get me some good experience! My parents said it could lead to more opportunities, but I think I’m leaning towards it being more of a supplement to university, as I could learn more with other professionals and like-minded people than essentially being on my own.

Suzanna – Thank you, I’m glad you like my work! Yeah, after getting advice from a number of people including you, Marjan, and Matt, I’m really starting to understand how valuable university could be to me. I’ll definitely continue to draw for myself, I promise! I’m looking at courses that are quite self-directed, so that my uni experience can be one of self-expression and fulfillment!
That’s so lovely, I hope you continue to feel that way about drawing! It’s very easy to let it bring you down when it’s not going well (I’m going to work on this as I’m especially prone to it, so that I’m ready to experiment & fail and be urged rather than discouraged to press onward!)