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Virginia Stycket

Hi Linn!
I only started taking the courses here about a month ago and I am having issues with the same class that you mentioned (Understanding Forms).
All the rest of the classes I felt pretty good about. I’m completely new to representation drawing so I don’t have big expectations of myself but I did feel I was making progress.
Then I started the “Understanding Forms” class. OUCH.
I just don’t seem to be “getting it.” I was starting to get a little down about it.
Then I remembered that in the classes “Drawing Accurate Shapes” and “Seeing Shadow Shapes” Matt mentioned that he presents numerous ways to approach a drawing but not all would be techniques we would like or even want to use in the future. He prefers to give us as many tools/techniques as he can and then we can make up our own mind as to which ones work best for us.
So maybe this technique isn’t working for me (at least not right now) but I did learn it. At least I’ll have it in my “arsenal” of drawing techniques for the future.
Also, I’ve decided to try “marrying” some of the techniques together. I really liked using a grid so I’m going to try this technique again with a grid in place and see if that helps.
Your drawing of the glass is lovely, btw! You really captured the reflections and shadows.
Be well and take care,

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