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Samantha Sewell

+ one extra point: I’m looking at doing a Fine Art course, but my sixth form art teacher that I went to for advice said that fine art courses are often too conceptual & focused on sculpture, and I should go for illustration/graphics because she said my work is very illustrative.

But I really want to go into doing fine art paintings for galleries etc. Although I did do an illustration for a book cover, it’s not a career I want to go in to. I feel like doing illustration will be too constricting, whereas fine art will be more free in what I can do and experiment with. I’m not a fan of sculpture, but I have found courses that will let me experiment within my own chosen field of media.

This is my portfolio website: Do you think illustration or graphics could still apply to what I want to do, or should I stick with my original idea of taking a fine art course?

(sorry for all the text, this is a big decision for me and I want to make sure I’m making the right choices!!)