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Abigail Stout

Thank you for sharing! I love that you are willing to keep learning. Here’s a basic jpg explaination:

A jpg is pronounced “jay-peg”
If you think of a classic file cabinet you organize files by type. Customer files, vendor files, employee files,

In computer files we have a name you give them, then a dot (we say dot like ..”dot com” but it’s a period), then the extension. The extension tells what kind of file it is:
.jpg, .doc, .mp3 a.k.a. picture, typed document, music file respectively

There are dozens of these extension I only mentioned 3 common ones

So for example you take a picture with an iPhone it is automatically given a name: 12345.jpg

You create a resume and name it 12345.doc
And you have a song named 12345.mp3

Its like having an employee, vendor and customer named Jackie Smith in your file cabinet but you know which is which by putting it in the right drawer. In computer speak -using the right “extension”

This is useful as an end user but the information​ the computer is talking is a bit more technical than I know.

Often your local library has free computer classes. They can teach you how to use your DTO site and upload pictures of your work.

(Any where you can attach a file of a document or picture it is called “uploading”)

I look forward to seeing your work! You know, an uploaded jpg. 😉

You are in Florida? Me too, Citrus County.
Abigail 🙂