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Still moving my pencils and pens…no sign that I am losing my scratchy ways, but at least I am sometimes focusing on improving my line etc. Slowly does it, I don’t want to throw out any good with the bad!

Image 1: drawing shapes from life (shapes I could see while sitting sketching, eg parts of furniture, dog, all overlapped with other stuff) and then trying to duplicate them. I find this gives me much more interesting shapes than I can make up, and maybe it even gives me more practice seeing shapes.

Image 2: sketchbook pages, one continuous line sketch of an old plaster cat sitting on the floor, that isn’t really this fat. I can try this again I think, with a bit more care. The other page is a bit of fun.

Image 3: sketchbook pages, fountain pen sketch of a Rembrandt etching, and notes from my first critique by Matt. Implementing them is a WIP.

Image 4: sketchbook pages, pen to paper, continuous line exercises from DTO reference. Obviously still not incorporating Matt’s critique suggestions! After I had done the layin of the right head I realised all the features were on the wrong alignment, so roughly fixed them up. Note to self, slow down and focus.

Now to make sure I have something done for the next critique.

Cheers, Chris